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Valentine's Day Facebook Exploitation
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Imaginary Kisses
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I figured some real big stuff out. Then teamed up with the dearest of old friends to make this here informational video about it. At one point, someone told me that this song would make Susan B Anthony roll over in her grave and I was all, “Susan B Whaaaa??” When I googled Susan B Anthony and found out she wasn’t a rapper I was soooooper bummed.


Oooooo la la! Was that a wink? What am I doing after work? You like my smile? Two dollars!

Sir, I have one question for you. WWYLYDTDISHTPUWSLY?

(What Would You Like Your Daughter To Do If She Had To Put Up With Someone Like You?)



“My name is now Lulu Blooming Lotus. I welcome prostrations…”

Always on the search for mind body spirit enlightenment, Tracy squealed with delight when she stumbled upon the trillion dolla dolla yoga industry. After reading one book and attending five classes she realized that her path was that of a yogi and she promptly updated her wardrobe, diet, and cadence accordingly. You may call this song a rap. You may call it alternative Kirtan. Tracy would never be so unevolved as to diminish a profound spiritual offering (“I’m Gonna Be a Yogi”) with mundane quantifiable terminology. Is it even a song? What is a song? Namaste.


Get yer laughing hats on cause this here is one of the funnier topics out there kids… Breaking up. The best! For realsies it’s the best, right?! The only thing better is the prepackaged advice and affirmations that accompany it. For serious! What?! There are other fish in the sea? What?! Stop it! Where? I don’t see. What sea? What do you mean by fish? Is that code for man? What?! Wait. I don’t care right now. What?! I do like tiger sharks and sea turtles though. What?! Those arent fish? WHAT?!?!

Anyways, I’m all over this shiznit. Not that I’ve ever broken up with anyone. That’s for the layfolk. I just have a friend who… you know… poor thing.



What do you like? AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy suffers a wee lil’ breakdown and existential crises after the guy she was dating asked her a seemingly thoughtful and relevant question.



Upon waking on february 14th, 2012, Tracy first yawned, then looked at the time, then remembered it was valentine’s day, then made a rhyme, then felt good about herself, then logged onto the facebook, then read all her friends’ comments, then used the first rhyme to start a song about her friends’ valentine’s day facebook comments, then she finished the song leading to a way bigger sense of accomplishment then what was felt after her first morning rhyme, then she put on all red and pink clothes and plugged in her red electric guitar, oh wait she put on eyeliner too, then she recorded a kabillion dolla video on her dying laptop of the tune, and finally she uploaded the new song to youtube with a minor detour to to better understand the use of apostrophes in regards to plural possession, and finally the new tune, Valentine’s Day Facebook Exploitation, was unleashed into the depths of internetlandia.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Tracy, who is so so super cool all the time, addresses the so so super coolness of being a totally mature and highly evolved grown-ass woman with a crush.


What to do if someone is not interested in you? Follow Tracy’s lead and cater to their ignorance with a poignant multimedia presentation so as to secure true love through whatever manipulative means necessary!


Tracy sings the tune Imaginary Kisses after being diagnosed with a not so rare form of ilikeunavailablemenitis. Doctors have yet to develop a little purple pill for this inopportune ailment. In a recent interview Tracy was quoted saying, “I don’t care if it’s freakin purple. I like pink also.”


“They” say when you get older you get wiser. Hmmmmm…. I would like to have a word with “They” because as far as I can tell gettin’ older seams to go hand in hand with gettin’ dumber. Gettin’ = Getting for all you crazy smart twenty somethings! Go take your perfect buttocks, errr, buttocki, uh, bottockes, hmmm, ASSES and brace yourselfs… haha yourselves (I know that one) for the impending smackdown!