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New Steel Cranes video for Drowning in the Bathtub! We did everything: the shooting, the Oscar-worthy acting, the editing, the choreography, and even the mint chocolate chip ice cream eating. We thought about having body doubles actually consume the ice cream because, as professional rock stars, we obviously only consume whiskey and cigarettes, but our editing skills weren’t quite up to par to splice that all together in a believable fashion.We cast my Justin Bieber life size blow up sex doll to play the roll of “Old Man” in the video. I procured Justin a few months ago to help me (nonsexually) with a show that I’m working on. Justin was super excited to diversify and to be a part of this video. We tried to force feed him free pizza and beer for his hour of hard work, but he was very dignified and just looked at us, mouth open, aghast at our efforts to bribe. For him, the satisfaction comes from the work itself. We really respect that about him. Enjoy!