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World, meet Josie, our new band stylist.

Amanda and I decided to invest in something of utmost importance with all the money we’re saving recording our new album ourselves… Image. Yeah sure, you heard our song on the radio. Ha no you didn’t. Uh, you heard our song on that commercial. Ha no you didn’t. Okay you somehow got our album and have listened to no more than one minute of three different songs and you found yourself thinking, “Huh, these guys are pretty meh, but I’m sorta curious.” First you google “best ice cream flavors for depression”, then “sex tips for introverts”, then “steel cranes music”. So you find us online and you check out a bunch of pictures and you think, “Well, I don’t know. There’s not much pizzazz or, like, anything to get excited about here.”

Yeah, we know. We get it. And we’re doing something about it. Thank you Josie! You have every right to look that proud.