Services Offered

Through the years, Bob developed working relationships with top insurance industry executives, consultants, analysts and investment bankers. It is this continuously evolving network – The Shapiro Network, Inc. – that is accessed and focused to provide you with the specific conceptual, analytical and execution abilities needed to define and resolve your critical business issues.

By bringing together the right resources, The Shapiro Network, Inc. can develop creative yet implementable solutions to resolve your critical business issues. In addition to our commitment to providing you with the right team of counselors, we anchor our counsel in:

• An understanding of your business, your plans, your capabilities, and your limitations.
• A sensitivity to what works and what doesn’t work in today’s marketplace.
• A sense of urgency, recognizing that today’s environment of rapid change and limited opportunities demands quick and intelligent response to emerging situations.

If you are forging a new direction…
We can work with you to align your current and potential capabilities so that they effectively leverage marketplace opportunities and address competitor activities.

If you are buying an insurance company…
We can assist you in the development of acquisition criteria, the search for and identification of appropriate targets, valuation, negotiation, due-diligence, financing and post-purchase integration.

If you are selling an insurance company…
We can assist you in designing the most effective divestiture approach, packaging the company, targeting and contracting strategic (maximum price) buyers, valuation, negotiation and financing.

If you are seeking to more effectively manage financial performance…
We can assist you in defining appropriate performance standards and designing an appropriate performance measurement system. If desired, we can link field and home office incentive plans.