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Upon waking on february 14th, 2012, Tracy first yawned, then looked at the time, then remembered it was valentine’s day, then made a rhyme, then felt good about herself, then logged onto the facebook, then read all her friends’ comments, then used the first rhyme to start a song about her friends’ valentine’s day facebook comments, then she finished the song leading to a way bigger sense of accomplishment then what was felt after her first morning rhyme, then she put on all red and pink clothes and plugged in her red electric guitar, oh wait she put on eyeliner too, then she recorded a kabillion dolla video on her dying laptop of the tune, and finally she uploaded the new song to youtube with a minor detour to to better understand the use of apostrophes in regards to plural possession, and finally the new tune, Valentine’s Day Facebook Exploitation, was unleashed into the depths of internetlandia.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!